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Worldwide Data Offering

Search and find data on local environmental phenomena, such as precipitation, air quality or water levels. OPEN·SENSOR·WEB integrates different public data sources worldwide on a wide range of environmental phenomena. The data is updated several times a day.

You can find an overview and detailed descriptions of the data sources in our section on Data Sources.

Data sources


Powerful tools allow access to current and historical data at any available location - in full depth and resolution. The data can be displayed in line, bar or point charts and compared on a map.

Interested in more functionalities for data research and visualization? Have a look at our documentation for a detailed description of the provided functionalities.


REST-APIs & Data-Sharing

All OPEN·SENSOR·WEB data can be integrated into third-party systems via powerful REST APIs. Via these interfaces, we offer data from many third-party providers and monitoring network operators.

If you are interested in using the REST APIs, publishing your own environmental data, or any other topic related to OPEN·SENSOR·WEB or if you want to know more about the technology behind, please get in touch.

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OPEN·SENSOR·WEB nominated for the Saxon Digital Prize

The OPEN·SENSOR·WEB has been nominated for the Saxon Digital Award 2024 in the category "Open Source". We are now eagerly awaiting the result of the public vote.

The result will be announced at forum sachsen digital 2024 on June 10, 2024.

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